This Promotion has officially
ended as of August 31, 2015.

In honor of John Newbery's birthday, we're doing something special :)

Buy One, Give One!

This summer at Bookroo, we're pledging to share the gift of reading. To make that happen, we're giving the next 250 new Bookroo customers a coupon for a free, one-month subscription--a gift subscription! Here's the deal: if you sign up as a new Bookroo customer, you'll be able to send a coupon to a friend who can get their very own Bookroo box for free! It's simple. We love reading, you love reading, and together, we can share the gift of reading with more friends.


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Each time a shipment arrives, my daughter and I are smiling in anticipation. From the beautifully wrapped packages to the personalized notes to the best customer service. Bookroo nails it! Oh, and the books. I can't say enough about the books. They are SO carefully selected. The books include a range of reading levels, ideas, take home messages and I was surprised that I didn't previously own a single book of the nine I had received. So, yeah, Bookroo rocks!

Kelly S.

How It Works


Sign up for a subscription to Bookroo of any duration.


After we receive your order, we send a coupon code to your email for a free 1-month Bookroo subscription that you can then forward on to a friend of your choice.


They redeem the coupon for their free box.


A few rules

  • You cannot use the coupon for a free box yourself.
  • The coupon for the free box does not include sales tax or international shipping.
  • The coupon for the free box will expire within 2 weeks of it’s being emailed to you.
  • This offer is not valid for bloggers redeeming their blogger discount.
  • This promotion ends August 31, 2015 or after the first 250 redemptions.

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