Need a gift for your grandchildren?

Bookroo makes a perfect gift for a shower, birthday, holiday, or other special occasion. Each month your grandchild is reminded of how much you love them as they receive a package addressed to them, unwrap each individually wrapped book, and read fun new stories! Plus, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are investing in their future success!

This is an appropriate gift for children ages 0 to approximately 6.

Going to a party and need something physcial to bring?
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Each time a shipment arrives, my daughter and I are smiling in anticipation. From the beautifully wrapped packages to the personalized notes to the best customer service. Bookroo nails it! Oh, and the books. I can't say enough about the books. They are SO carefully selected. The books include a range of reading levels, ideas, take home messages and I was surprised that I didn't previously own a single book of the nine I had received. So, yeah, Bookroo rocks!

Kelly S.

How to give a gift

1. Pick a plan

Choose between a 1-month, a 3-month or a 6-month plan.

2. Provide their email

You don't need to know their home address, or even whether your giftee prefers board or picture books, just their email.

3. Checkout

After you pay, the giftee will be notified of your gift via email. They can then choose what types of books they want and provide their home address.

Begin the gifting

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