The Perfect Babyshower Gift

The gift of Bookroo is perfect for a first child, or a family with multiple kiddos already! It's an adorably-wrapped care package filled with books that shows up on their doorstep each month, reminding them how much you care.

We take care to choose books that we know personally to be excellent and that are highly rated, but also less well known.

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Our family received a bookroo subscription as a baby shower gift, and it was FANTASTIC!!! All 3 board books were a perfect for my children. They were cute, colorful, original, and one was even highly interactive, with mustaches you'd move from page to page as you went though, encouraging even wiggly readers to participate in story time. Watching my son unwrap the beautifully wrapped books was the highlight of my day, and seeing the excitement he had to read each one right there and then made me even more excited about this company and their product. If you're struggling to find original, wonderful books for story time, or looking for a great gift for a baby shower or B-Day, Bookroo is the answer!!!

Lisa D.

How to give a gift

1. Pick a plan

Choose between a 1-month, a 3-month or a 6-month plan.

2. Provide their email

You don't need to know their home address, or even whether your giftee prefers board or picture books, just their email.

3. Checkout

After you pay, the giftee will be notified of your gift via email. They can then choose what types of books they want and provide their home address.

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